Do you know the advantages of using images On Your Online Establishment?

A few years ago web designing had rather unimpressive start and HTML was the sole tool utilized to make web sites ;however, we have come a long way since then. Online establishments have gone through a metamorphosis; today, these online businesses are recreational channels that entice all your senses.

Gone are the days when visitors had to make do with several web pages of written word with little visual appeal, currently most sites are embellished with the intelligent inclusion of web images. If you haven’t already incorporated icons in your website design, you are losing huge strata of visitors, so here is a discussion on how you can incorporate tiny pictorial depictions on your site to augment its utility.


Practical Application: web graphics are no different from other images; they relay a plethora of information in a tiny image. They offer visitors a clear impression about the varied web pages of the online establishment and aid to garner their attention. Incorporate them for the rapid transmission of an idea or to give importance a section of your website. So here is a loot at how small images and web graphics can be used for the job.

graphical representations not only increase the artistic and visual allure of a website, these tiny graphics are sure to prove extremely important when it comes to assisting the visitor with page navigation, these images can not only add the visual interest of the navigation process, but also make the website come off as more attractive.

The images work extremely well when incorporated with a couple of words to get the visitors attention to to an unusually placed navigation system like a nav tool placed in the middle of the page. Usually the navigation tool would be lost somewhere in the written word but with the usage of web graphics, you can ascertain that the reader knows exactly how he can get to another page on the site without rummaging hopelessly for the navigational link. So, images are incredibly useful in drawing attention to some parts of the site such as the part of the page that lists the special offers. Images also offer an amazing and efficient inclusion that can help to remove the clutter from a web page. If you provide one time deals on your web site that you think the customers to notice, use icons to garner their attention.

Icons could also be used to let your clients know about the services that you provide without them needing to read line after line. For instance, if you wish to apprise your clients of the fact that the profits have been going through the roof, show it with a pie chart. You need to understand that it is advisable to use pictures that are commonly associated with the information that you are trying to convey and understood.
If your web site has a lot of topics and sub topics demarcated by a variety of headings use images to make sure that each one of these topic headings are distinctly understood with an additional dose of allure.
As a matter of fact, you can design the whole website with simply images and a line of two of information. This form of website design is simple albeit attractive. Also you just cannot undermine the actual application of such web site architecture. It is usual to find graphics being put to use as a part of of the organization’s brand management strategies but on some web pages these graphical representations are placed to only add to the look of the site.

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