Have you tried using stock photographs to spruce up your articles?

If you write articles or offer them to different ezines to improve the search engine position of your site, you have to consider incorporating stock photographs in combination with a well written article to garner the attention of your readers. Here is a look at how you can get admirable stock pictures without breaking the bank.

There are innumerable free sites that offer stock pictures which can be used with a simple accreditation; you can find images of a fairly good quality on such sites. However, if this is not a suitable option, you can always head over to a paid site which provides exceptional quality graphics for a price that is negligible when compared to the product that you receive in return. Most sites will offer a small selection of free graphics which can be used without paying a dime and then they also provide a variety of paid images that can be purchased for a small fee; right after you have determined their ‘oomph’ value when used in conjunction with your content.

While you are rummaging through the web pages of these sites select the type of image that you are interested in; It is advisable to begin with the complimentary graphics and then consider purchasing the images once you have gauged the difference in response to your content through the incorporation of graphics. Normally the best products are shown on top of the webpage, ;alternatively, if you look at the lower section of the page, you can see only the free images.


Pick the graphics that suit your requirements or you can also search for images by using keywords which is a far more appropriate alternative; after picking the pictures that you want, you should be able to scroll down to the availability option. Most sites will sell pictures that can be used with the run of the mill restrictions although there are some establishments that impose an extra set of rules. It is recommended that you take a look at these rules before using the images. Some sites may need you to get a written permission from the photographer ; however, for most businesses a simple accreditation acknowledging the work of the photographer should suffice.

Once you understand the formalities; download the graphics and use them with your content when uploading it to a site. Ensure that you give credit to the photographer or artist in the accreditation section. You can get the name of the photographer by taking a look at the user name mentioned in the section “uploaded by”.

Then, there are other businesses where, you will have to submit a link to your article in the picture comment section. The benefit of doing so is that you your article can get a much coveted back link which can help you to improve your Google page rank and attract more readers to your website. While some websites such as ezine.com are opposed to the idea of using images, there are others such as ehow.com are more accepting. Either way, an image will add an extra boost of entertainment value your writing; so, if you write something impressive, think about using a picture to add to its appeal.
Alternatively, you could shop on a site that sells clip art like and anime images that also look fantastic when incorporated with good writing. However, you should remember to stick to the niche.

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