Why Do You Need to Use PNG Images in Your Web Design?

]The PNG file format was introduced a few years back; it was put forth in the market around 95/96 to cover the drawbacks of the popular GIF file format. However, it did not make an impression because the early browsers could not offer support to the state of the art offerings of PNG so website designers and creators were forced to use it restrictedly. One of the primary hurdles that marred the features of PNG was with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which was by far the most famous browsers of that period; IE had little or no provision for PNG support which meant that the format could only be used in limited capacity. However, matters changed when IE7 was brought out; this fresh browser from Microsoft has proved immensely useful in increasing increasing the utility of PNGs. So here is why at three reasons why PNG is one of the most useful image formats in the market today:

It is possible to create transparent images or alpha transparency: When you analyze the features of GIF and PNG, will notice that A definitive difference in the two formats is that you will only be able to save a specific color in a transparent format through GIF this simply means that the color can be transformed whether opaque or transparent with just transparency in between with the use of PNG, you get a specific feature over GIF; because the format supports semi transparent pixels. With this attribute, you can save a PNG image with a soft drop shadow and then float it against any background. Through this feature you will be able to use an image as a gradient background or water mark. The image file type allows for the smooth fading of colors from completely opaque to transparent, and hence you will be able to view the webpage that lies in the background

PNG Icons


They look fantastic: Apart from the fact, that you get amazing flexibility wit PNG images; there are a myriad of other advantages to using this format. For instance, when you use a JPEG image, you lose a portion of the data on the original file each time you save the file, so eventually, you will notice a conspicuous deterioration in the quality of the images. Even though, this concern has been solved in in the file type and you will be able to store the pictures without losing any information, GIF has a limited color palette of 256, which imparts it quite useless if you are going to save a snap shot. On the other hand, with PNG, you can get the perfect attributes of the two file types; you get an extensive color display like with JPEG format and it also supports managed color palette a la GIF files. At the same time the compression of the picture is sans loss so the picture stays put even if you save the file several times.

PNG is self optimizing: One of the hurdles that web designers face very often is the anomaly due to which the contrast and the brightness of the monitor has to be adjusted to see the the display appropriately; this problem occurs due to the Gamma settings of different monitors. Gamma setting is a technique that helps to scatter the brightness across the monitor display. However, diverse operating systems use a variety of Gamma settings. Therefore, a picture that is color corrected specifically for Windows will seem wrong when seen on Mac. Again, in this situation the versatile PNG format can help you out, in PNG, you can save the files with with a Gamma correction feature that is innate so regardless of the operating system; the Gamma settings will be realigned to show a file with the impressive brightness and contrast.

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