Icon Design Trends – Consider Your System Configuration!

Now days, the demand of icon design is going on high in the computer users. Today, almost everyone wants to use relevant profession icons on their computers. If you are falling in the trend of icon design, then you need to follow some rules and regulations. By the following rules and regulations, you can easily design the required icons for your computer. Also, you can easily decorate your computer through these sorts of icon design.


You can design the icons in assortment formats like 16×16, 20×20, 35×35 and 256×256. When you are starting to design the icons, you need to need consider that your programs and system configuration should support your home design icons. Also, you can design the icons in three states like normal, hot and disabled. So, you need to decide which icon design is best and perfect for your computer. In this regard, you can design the icons through your computer easily. Many of these objects missed pixels as the coordinates changed. A lot of objects are been crammed in the small area and few shapes get very obscure. The next actions are predictable very easily — we delete few objects. We decrease number of the spear ribs, smoothen handle, as well as eliminate multilayered soles. After that, we use Transform panel for placing black square in a top left corner and begin viewing coordinates of simple objects (rectangles and circles).

Coordinates (X or Y) and sizes (W or H) must be the even numbers and we take original icon and then chisel off unnecessary things. We combine main parts comprising of many shapes in one or clear off all blurring. We size that down to required size watching any odd things, which might make any extra noise.

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